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    7 dormitories - in an international atmosphere

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    A social life while you study - jointly or immersion

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    Great facilities

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    Natural surroundings

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    A great city for students


This dorm is smoke-free!!!

Ungdoms-kollegiet is situated Skovvej 20, Sønderborg and was built in 1969. A larger renovation was completed in 2001.

Ungdoms-kollegiet consists of three 3-storey buildings with a total of:

  • 78 rooms
  • 30 1-room accommodations (26m² net)
  • 20 2- accommodations (37m² net)

The rooms have separate shower and lavatory but shared kitchen with a locker for each room and a shared freezer/refrigerator. (18 rooms for each kitchen).

The 1- and 2-room accommodations have separate kitchen with cooking range and refrigerator, as well as separate shower and lavatory.

Only about half of the rooms are furnished, but they are all equipped with window blinds and lamps.

All dormitories now have the possibility to receive free TV-channels from DR ( the Danish TV channel ) and some german channels. If you wish to have more TV channels you must make an agreement yourself with a provider of TV-channels, for instance Boxer, Yousee, Stofa etc.

A telephone- and data network including internet connection, with a calling time/ on-time free of charge, has been installed in all accommodations. The net is linked to the other halls of accommodation..

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