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Read this before applying

Who may apply for our accommodations?

Everyone seeking for admission to any education recognized by the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme Agency as entitled for support.

Everyone seeking or everyone who has obtained an apprenticeship.

In case where applicants apply for a multiple room accommodation, only one of the applicants have to be under education.

Types of accommodations.

Rooms with shared kitchens and 1-room accommodations may only be occupied by one person.

1 1/2-room accommodation may be occupied by/ applied for by individual persons or single parents with one child

Multiple-room accommodations may be occupied by/applied for by couples or single parents with children.

What are the chances of obtaining an accommodation?

Submit your application as soon as possible (preferably 1 year before expected date of commencement of education).

Apply for all types of accommodations

Fill in a date of occupation 2 months prior to the date of commencement of education.

Applicants living outside of the Sønderborg area are considered before applicants already living in the area.

Please notice the following:

If the application is filled out insufficiently, incorrectly or incompletely, it will be cancelled.

The correctness of the information is statutory declared.

The Recommendation Committee reserve the right to check the information stated on the application form

If the applicant is under the age of 18 years, a parents/guardians signature is required. (Is forwarded separately).

The processing of the applications

When the application is received, it is processed according to specified recommendation criteria. Applicants estimated to have the most urgent need will come first.

The applicants currents address, social and economical circumstances determines the placement in category A-F, where A has the highest priority. The date of the receipt of the application determines the placement within each category.

The Recommendation Committee

The Student Councils of the educational institutions of Sønderborg appoints the members of the Recommendation Committee.

The committee process all applications for exemption etc. received.

The granting of accommodations

Vacant accommodations are first offered to applicant in category A, the category B etc. If you are internal mover (group F) and you move from one dorm room to another, you must be aware of the fact that you will have 14 days of double rent, since you can only terminate your old room 14 days after the new room's contract starts.

Letters of offers must be acknowledge within 3 days of receipt. Otherwise, the accommodation will be offered to another applicant.

Upon receipt of the acknowledgement the tenancy contract and a paying-in form covering the deposit and the first month´s rent is forwarded.